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Alexander Korzer – Robinson


I’m always intrigued by artists who find original ways of expressing themselves.  While I often feel I have so much to express, I’m constantly stumped as to how to do it; my mind simply goes toward writing or drawing and I often times feel unfulfilled.  It’s always inspiring to see fresh forms of work, and Alexander Korzer-Robinson has completely captivated my imagination.  A few years ago, I found his work scary – now, maybe because I’m older (?) I find it whimsical.  Using old books, he creates narrative collages as a way of representing the inner self for the viewer to dive into.  As if the use of books wasn’t nostalgic enough, Alexander only uses images found within the book creating a specific world that each viewer will remember differently.  While we reflect within the book, we are the book, finding our own personal sentiment with what is only on the inside.

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Bad Dreams

While stunning and beautiful, Alexander Korzer-Robinson’s intricate and small collages using illustrations from antiquated books and maps (they’re framed in said books) make me feel like I’m stuck in a nightmare.  With so much going on it’s hard to focus on just one image and I get a weird feeling that I can’t escape.  It’s like being stuck in a shadowy, flickering old movie where random images flash before you.

images via Alexander Korzer-Robinson

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