Last week I celebrated my 27th birthday.  While I love the celebratory, loving spirit of this time of year, I always tend to dwell a little too much on what I haven’t accomplished yet rather than what’s to come.  It’s not a good habit, and I’m trying to break it.  In that spirit, here are 27 things that I am so very grateful for accomplishing during the past year.

  1. Finally moving to Los Angeles
  2. Keeping up with my yoga practice
  3. Paying for my first apartment all on my own
  4. Getting my credit card debt in order
  5. Learning to love my body (still an ongoing battle but I’m learning!)
  6. Treating myself to fresh flowers
  7. Consciously making new friends
  8. Bettering my relationship with my parents
  9. Eating less junk food and feeding my body what it really needs
  10. Transitioning into a new job successfully
  11. Setting more goals & taking them seriously
  12. Learning to appreciate the small joys & beauties in life
  13. Taking more photographs
  14. Making and sticking to a realistic budget 
  15. Staying positive even in the toughest times
  16. Watching less television
  17. Taking the time to send handwritten notes to loved ones
  18. Learning to handle my emotions and not cry as much (that’s a big one!)
  19. Writing more and in different styles
  20. Learning that it really is better to have loved & lost than never loved at all
  21. Working to keep up with distant friends and knowing that it does take effort
  22. Drinking less and enjoying life more
  23. Putting myself out there
  24. Working to make my dreams come true with inspired action
  25. Waking up earlier and making the most of my days 
  26. Reading more
  27. Keeping up with this blog :)

image via Novella Royale


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