Alexander Korzer – Robinson


I’m always intrigued by artists who find original ways of expressing themselves.  While I often feel I have so much to express, I’m constantly stumped as to how to do it; my mind simply goes toward writing or drawing and I often times feel unfulfilled.  It’s always inspiring to see fresh forms of work, and Alexander Korzer-Robinson has completely captivated my imagination.  A few years ago, I found his work scary – now, maybe because I’m older (?) I find it whimsical.  Using old books, he creates narrative collages as a way of representing the inner self for the viewer to dive into.  As if the use of books wasn’t nostalgic enough, Alexander only uses images found within the book creating a specific world that each viewer will remember differently.  While we reflect within the book, we are the book, finding our own personal sentiment with what is only on the inside.

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  1. A nice selection of Korzer-Robinson’s bookworks that highlights the surrealistic aspect of his art, echoing that of Joseph Cornell. For BooksOnBooks (, K-R’s work also speaks to the changing role of the book. These works that hang from hooks attached to the rear covers, with the art protected by clear plastic between the front covers and carving, give the antiquarian tomes from which they are made a new role. Doug Beube, Brian Dettmer, Guy Laramee and other book artists create similar works that nevertheless have different effects. “KeepChasingCool”, your selection puts a finger on what may distinguish K-R’s work from the others.

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