A New Day

We don’t always have time to cook a huge, delicious breakfast and hit up a yoga class before our day starts.  I believe your entire day can very much go in the direction of however it begins so I try to follow these steps to ensure it’s the best!


1. Wake up, do not press snooze.

2. Do not press snooze more than once.

3. Eat a healthy, filling breakfast.  I’m partial to yogurt & blueberries or oatmeal.

4. Coffee is heavenly, but try to stick to tea after one cup.

5. Plan an outfit that makes you feel like a boss.

6. Pack essentials so you’re prepared for the day.  (Headphones, a change of shoes, sunnies, a healthy snack, etc.)

7. Put a smile on your face and a good attitude in your mind.

8. Work it like that hustler that you are.



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