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Happy Friday




I’ve never been genuinely happy living here in Florida.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful place to live, but I’ve just never felt like I fit in.  As a born and raised New England girl, I lived a different sort of childhood than my friends here.  This made me want different things in life and appreciate things that are often overlooked.

Over the years I’ve realized that Florida is not the ideal place for me to live.  I spent most of my early 20’s jumping around the country trying to find myself.  I’ve spent time living in Manhattan, which I loved but, honestly, winters are hard to deal with when you’re used to living on a beach!  I stayed with a friend in Dallas for a while; Colorado is lovely as well, but I need a city.  Living in Los Angeles was the best and hopefully I’ll be back there soon.  California feels like home to me.  It’s where I fit in, where I feel inspired, and where I want to build a life.

That doesn’t mean I can’t start living my life now.  No, I’m not in love with Florida the way I am with California – but Florida has been good to me.  I have friends here who I love and family here that supports me.  It definitely isn’t the idea place to live out my dreams, but it’s home.

If you want something bad enough, you can work toward it anywhere.  You may have to work a little harder at it, but that never hurt anybody.  Start now.  Eventually, things will fall into place and you’ll find your way.  Until then, keep at it. No matter where you are.


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Tyler Knott Gregson


If you have any type of social media account, its pretty likely that you’ve come across the work of Tyler Knott Gregson.  If that name doesn’t ring a bell, I’m sure you’ve come across some amazing little poems typed on scraps of paper and the backs of receipts or photographs that were beautiful enough for you to stop scrolling.  While Tyler is a talented artist in so many ways, it’s his poetry that moves me the most.  There are no grand words to interpret or fancy pentameter, just raw, relatable emotion.

(He’s not too bad on the eyes either.)





All images from Tyler’s website.

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Monday Mood


I can’t get enough.

MM Chambray Collage

Styling chambray with a fancy gown is genius. (Thanks to Free People)

It looks more sophisticated when worn with camel or black dress pants.

While denim on denim used to be a HUGE pet peeve of mine, when mixing a lighter fabric, like chambray, it looks updated and easy.

I haven’t work overalls since elementary school, but with nothing underneath and a chunky necklace they look much cooler than they did with the turtlenecks and big barrettes that I used to pair them with.

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