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Happy Friday



Be good to each other.  Always.


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White Walls


I move around a lot.  New jobs, new cities, new roommates – but most importantly new spaces to decorate.  Sure, I have my special little knick-knacks that go everywhere I do, but a house (apartment) doesn’t feel like home to me without a little something on the walls.  Ideally, I’d be able to paint my walls any color my heart desires.  It’s not that I can’t, it’s that I move too often and I’m far too lazy to commit to a color for a short amount of time and then paint over it once I leave.

Over time, I’ve learned that nail holes are more easily fixable that 400 square feet of blue paint.  Thanks to blogs like The Life Styled and websites like Pinterest, I’ve found new inspiration in creating Gallery Walls to brighten up blank space and make me feel at home without making a huge commitment.

Personally, I would opt for a wide range of colors, patterns,and styles of art including paintings, photographs, typeface art, etc. to jazz up a plain white wall.


You could also stick with a certain theme such as color, or frame size for a more sophisticated and uniform look.


photos found here, here, here, here, here, here, and here


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Hair Today


Spring is all about fresh beginnings and for me, that includes a serious hair update.  My hair is currently long, layered, and auburn, and has been for quite some time.  While I know I want to change something, I’m not sure if it’s just a slight change of color or a drastic change in length…or maybe both?



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Monday Mood

I’m all about beads right now – beaded everything.

MM Bead Collage

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Happy Friday

4e8f321f3307313c733fa1b92a3e27edNever stop going after what will make you happy.  Nothing worth having ever comes easy, so be ready to work hard and face whatever comes your way.  It will be worth it!

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