Light As A Feather

I’m always surprised again and again when good things come unexpectedly.  Like, out of nowhere.  I think I’m often surprised because the good thing is disguised as a not-so-good thing, and I don’t focus enough on the bigger picture.  Yesterday, a really good thing happened, but it jumped out at me as such a scary thing that I didn’t realize until a few hours (and a lot of tears) later how good it really was.  I woke up this morning to a sunny sky and  cool air, and while I know I need to work on seeing the bigger picture,  today I’m enjoying the little things that I’ve been oblivious to for far to0 long. :)

A perfect fall ale: Pumpkinhead with cinnamon sugar around the rim.

Pretty lights on the outdoor patio of my favorite night-spot.

The early morning sun making pretty shadows on a special dress.

My sister’s adorable puppy.

Getting a perfectly appropriate message on your teabag.


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