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Happy Friday

Don’t forget to smile :)


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During the end of October and into November, things in my life were getting pretty crazy.  My schedule was packed, big things were going on at work, and I was very unhappy.  I wasn’t focusing enough on myself and things started to spiral quickly.  Lack of sleep led me to live on a steady diet of just coffee, drinking too much coffee gave my bad cravings that I was too lazy to fight, and I would get home and be so exhausted that I wouldn’t even eat dinner – I was just falling asleep in my clothes to wake up and do it all again the next day!

Luckily, this past week has provided much more down time, and I’m happier than I’ve been in a while.  I’ve used this time to really focus on what makes me happy (like writing this, for example) and reworking my life so it doesn’t slip so easily out of my control next time.  I’ve noticed that most of my newfound happiness comes from focusing on the little things that I was previously just too busy to enjoy.

Volunteering time at my favorite Hot Yoga studio & committing to a regular practice


Waking up early enough to enjoy the morning sunshine

Photos from my Instagram

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Inspiration Bored

When the boredom bug bites, what do you do?  I’ve had a little more down time than usual lately, so I’ve been focusing on creating an inspiration board.  It’s fun, easy, and takes up time.  You can also do it while you’re watching a movie or talking on the phone – it just feels more rewarding than hanging out on the couch.  When creating an inspiration board, you can focus on a certain theme such as fitness or life goals, fashions you love, dream vacations, the possibilities are endless.

I’m partial to one giant smorgasbord of inspirational quotes, photos, and patterns.  Here are a few of my favorites to spark your imagination:

And for those of you that like a little more order, you can keep within a certain color scheme or layout:

Stay tuned to see my finished board…and I’d love any ideas and photos of your own!

All photos found on good ol’ Pinterest

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Plaid To The Bone

Oh, plaid…no longer just a grunge staple or a final attempt for some unwarranted hipster cred; you’re becoming quite the popular little trend.  I’ve seen you popping up everywhere from prim and proper designer runway shows to patriotic wall art.  And now that you’ve become seasonally appropriate you’re really soaking up the spotlight.  Don’t worry though, even after your 15 minutes of wintery fame come to an end, you’ll still be a classic staple.  Please know that I’ll always love you.Plaid To The Bone

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November 12, 2012 · 7:02 am