All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go

That’s what it feels like to pack up my MacBook and my notebooks, assorted pens and headphones, and settle in to get some serious work done, and then…nothing.

In a really frustrating hour of writer’s block I told myself that I needed to just start writing something, anything, to get the juices flowing.  I decided to write a list of things I wanted.  After all, who doesn’t love dreaming about having everything they’ve ever wanted?  I’ve wanted a pair of black moto boots for some time, so the Frye Engineers were first on my list.  I also want an iPad and iPod music dock.  I’ve been thinking about investing in a new car soon too, so that was on the list.  I listed 7 things I really wanted with their estimated cost next to each one.  I then skipped a few lines and wrote down just one thing, “A job with less stress, reliable paychecks, and more enjoyment.”  That’s when it hit me, as much as I love shoes and the newest Apple products, I could easily have all of it for a monetary sum.  Aside from the car, I could have everything on my list for much less than $1,000.00!  What I realized was that none of those objects were important, what really mattered most to me was to be happy in my job, which I’m not.

That’s why I’m writing this now.  It’s not what I planned to write at all.  I just wanted to write because writing makes me happy, and now I’m focusing more on what makes me happy.  If I stay on this track and move forward, everything will fall into place.  It may seem like new shoes or a nice car are essential to your happiness, but if you really take a minute and see the big picture; you’ll realize there’s something so much bigger, yet so achievable that can make you truly happy.

In all seriousness though, a nice pair of boots never hurt anybody either.


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