Cool Costumes

My top 5 favorite (non-slutty) Halloween costumes.

They’re original, eye-catching, cheap, and fairly easy re-create.

1. The Pop Art Heroine

via Geekologie

The makeup could get a bit complicated, but it’s definitely what makes the costume. Outline you’re features in black, and fill in any exposed skin with litte red dots.  Throw on a lady like dress or skirt suit, a stylized, brightly colored wig, some chunky accessories and hold out for a hero.

2. The Piñata

via Camille Styles

I’ve NEVER seen this costume before, and it’s super cute & easy!  Cut strips of crepe streamers and attach to a nude leotard, decorate two party hats and Óle!  Prepare to get hit on.

3. The Flapper Who Stepped Out Of The Film

via HenryHappened

Go one step further than the generic Flapper and only use black and white makeup.  It’s way cooler.

4. The Fashion Icon

via Refinery 29

Only cool people will get it, which is awesome.

5.  The Fashionable Victim

via Cupcakes & Cashmere 

One of my all-time favorites.

I get that some people are too cool for costumes, so here’s an idea for you guys.

A Halloween appropriate cutout sweatshirt that’s also an easy DIY.

via Urban Outfitters

A pair of sick leggings that normally might be kind of creepy, but they’re ok in October.

via Urban Outfitters



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2 responses to “Cool Costumes

  1. Fabulous…although I bet you would get tired of “hitting with a stick” jokes by the end of the night if you wear the pinata one.

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